Kiiroo Feel Stars Collection Stroker – Natalia Starr


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Your fantasies are about to come true.
Discover the only masturbator designed from the most intimate parts of Natalia Starr’s body. Take your fantasies to the next level and feel every move Natalia makes when you combine your stroker with Keon by KIIROO for a truly immersive and interactive experience.
Take control of your fantasies as you glide into the Feel Natalia Stroker. This masturbator is designed to stimulate every part of the penis with its skin-like texture and textured canal. Inside the Feel Natalia Starr Stroker are several pressure points designed to stimulate your penis in all the right places.
Mind-blowing orgasms are waiting for you with every use of your Feel Natalia Starr Stroker paired with KEON by KIIROO. Connect and interact with Natalia’s interactive erotic content and get ready to feel every moan, moan and thrust in real time.
Enjoy an intimate experience with feel Natalia Starr Stroker.

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