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For an incredible experience, discover MAN.WAND.
to go further in search pleasure, this unexpected masturbator offers 8 speeds and 20 vibration modes. Its flexible head and ultra powerful motor will offer you unique and new sensations.

For men and couples :
Lubricate the MAN.WAND and use it by moving back and forth, like a classic masturbation
Use MAN.WAND by positioning correctly the glans of the penis on the vibrating part – where comes the stimulation
Your partner can also hold MAN.WAND and control the simulation and eventually your orgasms …
An erection by a simple contact with MAN.WAND : No need to have an erection before using MAN.WAND, the powerful vibrations bring you directly pleasure …
For women :
Turn your MAN.WAND – it transforms into a wand massager for clitoris stimulation of your partner.
Streaks inside the two flaps optimize the vibrations and the stimulation
Two flaps on the flexible head come to hold the penis during stimulation
Streaked handle surface on the body secures grip in the hand
Rotate your MAN.WAND to discover more sensations …