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The Funzone Vulcan Tight Vagina. Made from a jelly-textured material, this hand-held male masturbator is a great first-time cheap sex toy for beginners. With an enticing vagina at the entrance leading to a 6 inch tunnel detailed with wavering ribbing and light suction to satisfy. If you’re looking for a realistic sex toy experience on a budget, this handheld masturbator will satisfy all of your requirements. Nestled inside a discreet cup-like case with its own lid is a sensual sleeve. The sleeve has a vaginal entrance leading to a 6 inch tunnel that is packed with waves of ridges which grip and caress you with every stroke. At the base of the case is a small hole that is covered with a security sticker. Uncover the hole and it can be used to vary the suction experienced while using the Tight Vagina. Covering the hole completely offers the most suction and having it open minimises suction strength. For the best experience, use the included sachet of water-based lubricant to reduce friction and increase sensation. Once the sachet is used up, substitute with an alternative water-based lube. The entire unit is easy to clean and waterproof. Designed for multiple uses, you can indulge in all the sensations of a luxury male stroker at an affordable price. To prolong the life of this product we recommend using a renewer powder after cleaning.

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